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  • What is Biodynamic

    The Martina Gebhardt products are certified Demeter, which means the ingredients have been grown biodynamically – but what does that mean? Here is a brief overview of the biodynamic method. Biodynamic growing is organic and particular focus is on the biological activity of the soil. This is encouraged with the help of natural preparations made …

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  • Why do you sell Martina Gebhardt products?

    Ask Sebastian The products feel energetic and that is the most important thing for me.  I think that when spirit meets matter the result is life and as the Martina Gebhardt products are biodynamic and are processed carefully more of the plant’s healing power is available to us as we use the products.  I like …

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  • Spa Elemental Article – October 2018

    Skin and The Soul Within – Conscious Connecting We are all taught at college about how to create professional boundaries, although it takes a bit of real life before we start to understand the full implications of this advice. When I left college, I gave my all to every client, exhaustion naturally ensued.  A reiki …

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  • Integrally Sustainable Cosmetics

    Speick’s brand new award winning Organic 3.0 range is the highest possible standard of Organic and Ecological body care. They are integrally sustainable products with a minimalist, environmentally-friendly concept that influences every aspect of design and production, and most importantly, they protect our valuable natural resources! That’s all very well, but what is the point …

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  • Age Protect Boost Ampoules

    Get ready for Summer with Santaverde’s Age Protect Boost

    As the seasons change, skin often takes a while to adapt to the new temperatures. A 10-day course of Santaverde’s Age Protect Boost provides deeply concentrated anti-ageing care to stimulate the production of collagen and re-balance stressed skin during any stressful periods of change. It is specially formulated with pure Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera …

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  • Luxury Plant Oil Soaps

    Speick Naturkosmetik, our favourite soap and body care manufacturers, have released a brand new luxury soap, and we have decided that it is one of our most favouritest soaps ever!   This gorgeous soap is available in four gorgeous scents: Poppy, Macadamia, Argan and Pistachio. Features: Pure plant oils, sourced from regulated organic farming Free from any …

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  • Introducing Baby & Kids by Martina Gebhardt

    Martina Gebhardt’s Baby Care Range offers Demeter certified biodynamic, tailor-made skincare  for baby’s and children’s precious, delicate skin. It is extra gentle, and free from any essential oils, making it perfect for the most tender skin. Only the Bath Oil contains a small amount of fennel essential oil, which will help soothe colicky tummies before bedtime. …

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  • The Myths of Speick

    Some things have many practical uses, some things are mysterious, and some things are both! One such thing has to be the High Alpine Speick Plant. This botanical rarity is more than a medicinal herb, as it plays a significant role in numerous traditions, myths and legends. If we dive to its roots, we can find such …

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  • Last Order Dates for Christmas Delivery!

    The last order dates to get your order in time for Christmas are: Standard delivery: 1pm 19th December Express Delivery: 1pm 21st Demeber Liv will be closing for Christmas between 22nd December and 3rd January, so make sure you get your Christmas orders in!!

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  • The (comprehensive) Skincare Questionnaire!

    We have just finished drafting our first Liv Skincare Questionnaire, so that we can help you find the perfect natural skincare products. All you need to do is fill in all the questions you feel are relevant to you, click submit, and we’ll get in touch with a fully personalised recommendation from our skincare experts. …

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