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It all begins with Aloe Vera — the basic foundation of all our products. By combining fresh Aloe juice with valuable plant oils and extracts, we create unique, concentrated compositions for every individual skin requirement. All products are NATRUE certified natural cosmetics, free from synthetic fragrances, colourings and preservatives. All products are certified vegan and contain no animal ingredients.

Intensive Facial Care

Harmful external influences on the skin such as UV radiation, environmental pollutants, stress and unbalanced diets, mean the skin often needs highly effective, special care.

Santaverde intensive facial care products give the skin an extra degree of protection using nutritious ingredients, and counter the ageing process in a natural way.

Age Protect

The innovative Age Protect anti-ageing range combines powerful natural ingredients, and provides demanding skin with everything it needs for a radiant, gently smoothed and even complexion.

Alongside a base of pure Aloe Vera juice, the main ingredient is the precious nectar of Aloe Vera blossom, with its high antioxidant capacity. A unique formulation of active ingredients from plant roots reduces the appearance of pigmentation problems and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Fine oils leave the skin relaxed and supple.

Xingu Age Perfect

With Xingu Age Perfect, Santaverde combines over 25 years of experience in exclusive natural cosmetics, latest research and the traditional knowledge of Brazilian natives.

Body Care

The main ingredient used in Santaverde skin care, pure Aloe Vera juice, naturally supports cell renewal. The fresh Aloe plant is able to quickly seal “wounds” to its leaves if cut or damaged — an extraordinary healing attribute, used to good effect in our products.

Focusing on a pampering well-being ritual, they provide even sensitive and dry skin smoothness and gentle tautening.

Pure Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to support detoxification and regeneration inside and out.

It contains a broad spectrum of vital substances with comprehensive effects. Nutritionists and dermatologists consider the variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids as almost indispensable regarding its positive effects on the skin and whole being.

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