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Why Santaverde?

Every Santaverde product has a powerful effect on your skin. The secret ingredient? A unique formulation of pure Aloe Vera juice and valuable plant oils and extracts that has effects unlike any other Skincare.

The pure Aloe juice extracted from the gel core of the Aloe leaf is a particularly complex and powerful active ingredient that has huge benefits not just for the skin, but for you as a whole. It supports the natural regeneration and healing processes of your body, and is a huge, and very useful, source of nutrients for your skin’s cells.

At Santaverde, we replace the usual main ingredient of most skin care formulations – water – with our freshly harvested pure Aloe Vera juice. Because of this, our products have a uniquely powerful and wide-ranging effect on the skin. Not only do they they aid regeneration, but also provide and retain moisture, soothe, and protect. Every product is individually tailored to suit each of your skin’s needs.

Our Story

What better way to explain the Santaverde story than by letting the founder herself explain? Sabine Beer had her life changed by the humble aloe plant, here’s her story.

“In 1988 I was given a fresh aloe vera leaf by a neighbour in Spain and told to apply the cool aloe vera gel to my skin. At the time I was suffering from a number of skin problems: alternating periods of inflammation, extreme dryness and severe redness. Subsequent treatment with the leaf gel changed everything — my skin and my plans for the future.

Just one year later, Manolo, our first employee, planted 3,000 baby aloe vera plants in the sandy soil of our finca (agricultural land) in Andalusia. This was the foundation on which my husband and I built Santaverde, with the intention of making the wonderful effects of this ancient medicinal plant accessible to all.

My personal experience, and our own certified organic cultivation gave rise to the unique Santaverde formulation principle, which encompasses the full power of the freshly harvested plant.”

Pure, Natural Cosmetics

Every single one of our unique formulations consist of pure plant juices, oils and extracts. We do not believe in the use of chemical or artificial fragrances, colourings, preservatives, mineral oils or parabens. To guarantee these claims, every Santaverde skincare product bears the NATRUE label, the certification for quality natural cosmetics.

We are also proud to bear the Leaping Bunny Seal on all of our products. It is a globally recognised seal of approval for cruelty-free cosmetics. The Leaping Bunny ensures that we never test our individual raw materials or finished products on animals, and that all Santaverde products are 100% vegan.

Furthermore, our pure Aloe Vera juice, and the great majority of the other raw materials we use in our cosmetics bear the EU Bio seal. This seal is the recognised European symbol of products from organic cultivation. It also forbids the use of any kind of genetic engineering or mineral nitrogen fertilizers, and stipulates “species-appropriate” keeping of animals as well as ensuring that all those who bear it try to reduce of energy consumption and conserve reserves of raw materials.

We have also found that independent testers just love the quality and power of our products, we have won awards from ÖKO-TEST, Stiftung Warentest and Spa Diamond in Germany, and the Beauty Shortlist award here in the UK. We are also particularly passionate about looking after the environment – the paper for our product packaging comes exclusively from sustainable forestry, (which commits itself to environmentally, socially and economically friendly use of forests) and we support sustainable use of the rainforest and it’s people at our finca in Brazil.

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